About Us

    Founded in 2013, Worldwide Logistics has become a leading logistics and transportation service provider in the United Arab Emirates. We have been successfully contributing in the logistics and transportation sector to offer ease in shipping products to any part of the world. We have gained expertise in providing freight service via land, air as well as the sea. Apart from that, we also provide commendable warehouse service and movers & relocation facilities. Our team of highly experienced and professional staff empowers us to take on any type of challenge pertaining to the transportation, logistics and supply chain solutions. Every type of good, in any quantity, can be transported and shipped through our budget-friendly yet top quality logistics and supply chain services. 


Our Services

     As a logistics, transportation and supply chain service provider, Worldwide Logistics is adept at offering a number of customizable services to suit every individual’s needs. 100% satisfaction and long-lasting relations with our clients is something that we are always looking forward to and that’s why we invest all our energy and resources while also using state-of-art technology to provide the best logistics and transportation services. You can choose from a broad spectrum of services like land freight, air freight, sea freight, warehouse services and movers and relocation services. We have dedicated teams of experienced and trained professionals for every service that all your goods are transported safely to their respective destinations on time. 


 Why You Should Choose Us (Out Of Gauge)

     While our air freight, land freight, sea freight, warehouse and movers and relocation services have helped us carve a niche in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industry of the United Arab Emirates, what sets us apart from the pool of other logistic companies is our OOG or Out Of Gauge cargo service. It is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of Worldwide Logistics. Many people struggle to transport goods that do not fit the standard freight dimensions and to help them out we offer the most reliable Out Of Gauge services. We are equipped with state of art heavy-duty tools and technology that help us move and load odd-sized and heavy cargo on the flat rack or open top vessels. Worldwide Logistics has become the top choice of most of the businesses in UAE because of its reliable and budget-friendly services.