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The MRI Experience


MRI specialises in the search, selection and relocation of highly qualified medical professionals.

Our global network of candidates extends to every continent and every medical speciality allowing us to build a large data base of medical talent within the international health care sector. Our huge advertising budget and strategic use of technologies allows us to attract and retain both active and passive candidates for permanent, employment opportunities across the GCC region.

We will provide you with a money valued service. We understand the complexities in attracting western qualified candidates which is why we excel in always finding the best qualified medical professionals. Our global network is key when assisting you to fill your vacancies.

We are committed to providing you with an exceptional service which is why our consultants follow the sun working model. We work round the clock for our clients, taking into consideration time differences when contacting professionals around the globe.




MRI’s promise to you is that we will improve your current recruitment service, we will save you time and show you a significant improvement in the quality of your candidate placements. We will achieve this by working closely with you every step of the way.

The benefits to you of our approach is that we already have locally available, licensed physicians as well as physicians from UK, Europe, USA and Australia currently seeking opportunities in the GCC region through us. Minimising the time it takes to fill the vacancies you have.




We know our success lies in your hand. In order for us to be successful, we need to listen to you. We always take the time to visit you, where ever possible and find out what makes you lift the lid on your business.

We visit hospitals, medical centres, clinics and pharmacies to get to grips with your company values and culture. With our healthcare background we already are half way there to understanding what makes your world go around. However the added intelligence gives us a real feel for your environment and culture.




Our methods are simple and ensure that we get to know you, the client but we also know and understand our candidates inside and out providing them with a class first service. This translates through to a tangible benefit, a superior quality of candidate. Not once, but all the time.

Only by understanding your business so completely and thoroughly can we guarantee such levels of success.



We appreciate your time and understand you may be short on this; however for us to provide you with the quality of candidates you desire, it is essential we receive all marketing products, hospital profiles, brochures, salary scales and interview specifics from you; in a timely manner to provide to the candidate in order to create the perfect match for you.